Patricia Tatlow:  Artist Statement           

In this collection of paintings I explore my observations, beliefs and emotions during this challenging year of COVID-19. We have been limited in our social interactions and mobility through travel restrictions. This enforced quiet makes it nearly impossible to turn a blind eye to personal and collective upheaval.  I have seen gaping cracks in personal lives and social and political structures. Art, especially painting, gives me an avenue to work it out, often surprising myself the most with the outcome.  

Walking is how I heal; my route to self and my path to discovery. I walk in grief. I walk in delight. I always walk in wonder.  I find solace in nature and more questions than answers in my community. Indeed, I strive to be that resilient traveller. Here are some of the things I have seen and wondered at during my journey this past year.  


My first artistic expression was as a hairstylist. Throughout my adult life I lived in Greece, Belgium, across Canada and in the Washington DC area, finally settling in Victoria with my husband in 2011. So often an outsider, art was always a way to understand where I was and what my place in the world could be. I have participated in group shows and had the honour of showing in the Sooke Fine Arts Show in 2018. A self taught artist, I am deeply grateful for the many teachers and fellow artists throughout my life who contributed to my progress. I like to say I am an intuitive artist, who loves to experiment and learn, tell stories and raise questions. My work has been collected by friends, family and art admirers around the world. It is my pleasure and honour to share my work with you in the Chapel Gallery.  

Instagram: patriciatatlow