Welcome to St. Matthias Anglican Church!

Practicing the presence of God through faith and action in our community

With regret, our doors are shut for 60 days.  However, the church is more than buildings and programs. We are the body of Christ present in this world no matter where we are. We are a church without walls. 

Enjoy a virtual tour of The Chapel Gallery's exhibit of Neil McClelland's "Our Glass Paradise Revisited." Look under our News or Chapel Gallery section.   

The Anglican Diocese of BC has taken this action in light of COVID-19.  

As Bishop Logan McMenamie says, "We know churches are places of refuge, celebration and commemoration for folks from all walks of life, but the church is more than just its buildings. We are working collaboratively across our region to find creative ways to remain pastorally present to people at a time when the assurance offered in the life of faith is so critical."

In the Christian tradition,  Lent is now in week 5.  This time for reflection includes our commemoration of the final days of Jesus' ministry, including the Last Supper, Crucifixion  and Burial.  Then, Easter marks our commemoration of the Resurrection.    This year, preparation and reflection are taking different forms.  Each day, however, brings us more joy in acknowledging the importance of being "church without walls."

Many religious and cultural traditions have precious celebrations at this time of year, when in the Northern Hemisphere we have just entered Spring.  Passover will soon be with us.  Again, families and communities will be marking this festival differently this year.  The people of St. Matthias send their warmest wishes at these special times.     

Thank you for this virtual visit.  We welcome you, from wherever you come and wherever you are on your journey of discovery, faith or questioning.  Never been inside a church?  Away for a long time?  We welcome you warmly, today "virtually" but whenever it is again possible, we'd love to see you at any of our worship services or other events.  Please feel welcome to have a sampling of our worship, by clicking on any of the events or items in the blog section of this page.  

What's not cancelled?  The people of St. Matthias hold you and each other in our hearts! We are people of hope.  Together, we believe we are called to practice the presence of God through faith and action in our community.  Today, the way we practice the presence of God in our community may look different, but it's still the same vision founded in faith, hope and charity.