Welcome to St. Matthias Anglican Church!

Practicing the presence of God through faith and action in our community

Sunday Worship 10 am

Thursday 4 pm Eucharist and Sunday Reading Discussion

Thanks for your visit! 

We are entering the season of Lent, a time of preparation and reflection.  In the Christian tradition, we mark the final days of Jesus' ministry among the disciples, including the Last Supper, Crucifixion  and Burial.  You'll notice, perhaps, more of a quiet focus in our worship -- but we are preparing to celebrate the Resurrection on Easter Sunday.    

You might want to join us for a quieter, still more reflective worship.  We also gather Thursday afternoons at 4 pm in our Chapel for Eucharist and discussion of the Scriptural readings for the next Sunday.  

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, our church calendar is linked to the seasonal calendar.  Winter gardens are gradually changing to spring delight.  As the gardens prepare (or are prepared!), we may ready ourselves for a new season of growth, service, and hospitality.  At St. Matthias, we welcome all visitors to any of our events, including all our worship services.    

We're happy to see you.  We welcome you, from wherever you come and wherever you are on your  journey of discovery, faith or questioning.  Never been inside a church?  Away for a long time?  Visiting this extraordinary corner of the world?  You are welcome at St. Matthias.