Thank you for visiting our website! The virtual experience is great, but we'd also be delighted to see you in person -- whether you're a first-time visitor, an occasional participant, or a regular. No experience required! Come as you are and enjoy a warm welcome.  

We're well into the season of Lent, when we prepare ourselves for the incredible journey that commemorates the centre of our faith. We will recall Christ's showing us the power of divine love through the Last Supper, the Crucifixion and, then, amazingly, the Resurrection.  For a tiny introduction, click here:

May we add a special note to clarify?  St. Matthias warmly and genuinely welcomes everyone who comes through our door, including anyone who sees themself in the rainbow banner or the abbreviation LGBTQ2IA+.  So, when we say we welcome you "whoever you are," please know that our welcome is without condition or limit.  

We're happy we can share Reverend Colleen's sermons.  Follow the link to read the most recent drafts -- you can find her sermons for Week 1 and Week 2 of Lent.    Remember ... each draft is similar to what we hear in person, but often missing late insights, chuckles and changes.  So ... take a look and then, come and listen for yourself!  Click here to read one, a few, or all!

At St. Matthias we join with all Canadians in our ongoing voyage of acknowledgement and reconciliation as we reflect on the complex, often painful, history that is the heritage we share, whether our families have been here since time out of mind, for many generations, or whether we are "brand new" to Canada.   Respectfully, we acknowledge the legacy of the residential schools. We listen.  We grieve.  We honour.  We commit to action. 

The church is more than buildings and programs. We are the body of Christ present in this world no matter where we are. We are a church without walls.  Thank you for your virtual visit!  All are welcome here.