Welcome to St. Matthias Anglican Church!

Practicing the presence of God through faith and action in our community

Sunday Worship 10 am

Hello!  We appreciate your visit. 

The fall season has definitely arrived! Amid the winds and rain, we hope you are also enjoying the lovely fall colours and the glory of this beautiful part of the world.  

At St. Matthias, we always have something to celebrate.  In our church calendar, we are celebrating the season of Pentecost, which is a time when we focus on ways in which we can serve God in our time and place.   

We welcome everyone at St. Matthias.  Whether you’ve never set foot in a church, whether you’ve been away for a long time, or whether you are visiting this amazing corner of the world: we welcome you.  Whoever you are, wherever you may be on your journey of faith or questioning, we’ll be delighted to see you.   

Thanks for your visit!