Welcome to St. Matthias Anglican Church!

Practicing the presence of God through faith and action in our community

Hello there! Welcome to our website and, we hope, to one of the many opportunities for worship and community at St. Matthias.  

In our church calendar, we are about to celebrate the new year, with the first Sunday of Advent, on December 2nd!  Calendars vary; Celtic Advent has already begun! 

"Advent" means 'coming' in Latin, the traditional way to remember the birth of Jesus.  

Advent is a season of preparation; a time to anticipate the coming of the Light.  It is our opportunity to reflect generosity and wonderment in the world.  

The words Advent simply means ‘coming’ – it’s the season when Christians remember that God came to earth to be born as the Christ child, Jesus.

God also promised that Jesus will come again at the end of time to heal all the world’s hurts and divisions. Advent remembers this amazing promise, so it’s a time of hope, of getting ready, and expectation.

Waiting is hard, but Christmas is worth waiting for – it’s a special time, and at its heart is a gift of love from God to the world. 

Here’s what you might see in church during Advent:-

Fewer decorations – but there might be greenery instead of flowers, lighting candles to symbolize light breaking into the darkness. We also try very hard to wait until near Christmas to sing carols. Advent hymns call for Christ to come and for the world to be made new.

We hope you will join us! We welcome everyone -- those who've never set foot in a church, those who've been away for a long time, those visiting and those who've been part of our community.  We wish you all the love, peace, and hope that form our Advent Season.  

And,  thanks for your visit!