Children and Families

Children and Families are an integral and joyful part of our community! 

During worship, we usually have "Children's Time" when there's an opportunity to experience a brief lesson that echoes the Scriptural readings for that day.  Then, children are invited to Sunday School.

The program features kid-centered resources, such as “Godly Play,” which is inspired by Montessori techniques as well as the "Feasting on the Word" curriculum. Our approach emphasizes an opportunity for kids to learn and tell the great stories from the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures. Our goal is to share the joy of God's love for each of us.  

St. Matthias loves kids to be part of our worship time and worship year. 

  • We invite kids to help us bring the bread and wine to the altar for the Eucharist. 
  • We invite kids to do readings at church (or accompany their parents).  
  • Kids are the center of our "no rehearsals, all welcome" Christmas pageant!
  • Kids act as servers, carry the cross and sing in their very own children's choir!

Not all kids want to be at Sunday School, so if your children prefer to stay in the church, that’s fine with us. Relax and let them explore. We always have a few books and “quiet toys” available at the back. We like everyone to feel at home. 

All of our Sunday school volunteers have gone through a safe church screening process, if you would like to volunteer with our children's program, we would love to have you!