About the Chapel Art Gallery at St. Matthias

Welcome to St. Matthias Chapel Art Gallery. 

Our not-for-profit Art Gallery presents original artwork, from a variety of visual art mediums, that encourages people to reflect and consider a wide range of issues and themes in a safe, respectful and welcoming space. The Gallery is designed to invite the local community, artists and visitors to Victoria to come together to enjoy the exhibitions.  

We are mid-way through our third year!  We're thrilled with the richness of this season.  To enjoy these wonderful exhibits from our third season, please click here  https://www.stmatthiasvictoria.ca/ministries/the-chapel-gallerys-third-year

At this time, with a focus on safety, we are not holding Exhibit Openings, but warmly invite you to enjoy the exhibit.  Please be assured that we have implemented COVID safety protocols, including the requirement of wearing a mask.  

We invite both established and emerging artists to consider showing their work at the Chapel Art Gallery.

Artists: We have concluded our call for 2022, but please keep us in mind for future seasons.  You'll find more information by clicking here:  https://www.stmatthiasvictoria.ca/ministries/the-chapel-gallery/pages/how-to-submit-a-chapel-art-gallery-exhibition-proposal the Chapel Art Gallery at St. Matthias  or following the link in the "grey box" to the left of this note.

To review earlier exhibitions:  For the first year, please click on this link:https://www.stmatthiasvictoria.ca/programs/the-chapel-gallerys-first-year

For the second year, please click on this link:  https://www.stmatthiasvictoria.ca/ministries/the-chapel-gallerys-second-year

For the earlier exhibitions during our third year, please click on this link:  https://www.stmatthiasvictoria.ca/ministries/the-chapel-gallerys-third-year the Chapel Art Gallery at St. Matthias

We acknowledge with thanks the artists that have taken part.

Wheelchair Access:    Entrance through the main church 

Email [email protected]

If you would like to receive notifications for upcoming shows, please use the form below to get in touch. 



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