Caring for the earth through recycling and reusing!

In September 1998 we initiated partnerships with Fairfield Community Association (FCA) and our own Project Upgrade to launch a Recycling Day. FCA dropped out in 2015 we formed a new partnership for the entire event with Threshold Housing Society (THS).

Each month we partner with Threshold to provide a place for all kinds of recycling. All proceeds go to support the life-skills training for youth at Threshold Housing

Bring your refundable bottles and cans (wine, beer, cider, pop, water and juice).

Clean plastics (containers, bottles and bags, styrofoam products, food containers and packing material), as well as electronics, are accepted for a small charge and can be sorted on site. 

Contact [email protected] or call 250-383-2501 for more information or to get involved.

Attic Treasures

Held in conjunction with our recycling day, Attic treasure is a great place to find gently used household items, gifts and even toys or music! Check out the events page for this months theme. To drop off your donation or to volunteer, contact the church office.