COVID-19 time means changes to this important area of our work!

St. Matthias has been delighted to be part of recycling activities in our neighbourhood since 1998.  We parnered with the Fairfield Community Association and with Threshold Housing Society through all sorts of changes. Most recently, the recycling program that Threshold Housing and St. Matthias ran has been operated through Pacific Mobile Depots (PMD).  PMD has decided that COVID-19 requires them to adjust their mobile depots program.  There is no longer a recycling program at St. Matthias.  

To support Threshold Housing and the wonderful work they do to provide housing and life-skills training for youth, please visit their website at Threshold Housing. Or, if you have returnable bottles, you can donate the $$ to Threshold Housing when you return the bottles directly to the Bottle Depot.  Please tell them you are donating the money before they start counting your bottles and tell them it is for "Project Upgrade" for Threshold Housing Society.  

PMD runs several depots in the Greater Victoria area.  They update their status weekly, and you can find their information at  

You may also want to check the South Jubilee Community Association depot on Bank Street in Victoria, on the 2nd Saturday of each month.  

Attic Treasures

With great regret, we are putting this activity on hold for the present time.