Donate online via Tithe.Ly

A financial gift is a meaningful way to share your faith and make a significant contribution to the church. If we may be so bold, the most direct (and cost-effective for St. Matthias!) way to donate is through our Pre-Authorized Remittance system and choosing option 1, for a pre-authorized debit. This system also allows you to use a credit card for your donation, although there is an additional cost to the parish. 

As an alternative, you can use your credit card at any time and from anywhere to safely make a donation online via Please click on the green Give button below which will open up a pop up window which allows you to make a designated donation to the General Fund. You can also set up recurring giving via by ticking the recurring checkbox. 

Please note that your confirmation of payment is not your official tax receipt. This will be issued at the appropriate time by the church.

If you wish to save the parish the administrative fees, you can also write a cheque payable to St. Matthias Anglican Church and put it on the collection plate on a Sunday, slip it (in an envelope, please) through the mail slot at the office door, or mail it to us at 600 Richmond Road, Victoria, BC V8S 3Y7.

Thank you in advance for helping us continue to live out God's vision for us on these islands and inlets as we practice the presence of God through faith and action in our communities!