Artist Statement

I am truly happy when I am outdoors.  Walking on the beach or in the forest, I am flooded with visuals that feed my creative soul.  I am drawn to pathways….paths in forests and paths of light on water.  

On my walks, I found myself constantly taking photos of these and it wasn't long till I started thinking about them in their relation to the roads we take in life…..the uphill path, the winding path, the rocky path, the elusive path. Each has their own character just like our lives.  They are reassuring; making things easier; giving us direction and passage through the rough spots. We are mesmerized by the sparkle of light on water inviting contemplation and leading our imagination.

For me, a painting is successful when it triggers an emotional response or memory.

Light and its effects are what accomplish this for me. Capturing this is my ongoing challenge. There will be ups and downs on this path as well.


Barb MacLeod was born and raised in Toronto where she received her formal art education and started her career. She became well known as a fibre artist through her gallery and commission studio in Toronto. Working with architects and designers, her fibre-art is in public, corporate and private collections in Canada and international locations. After closing her textile studio in 2008 she began painting in acrylics and mixed media.   

Her work has been exhibited in numerous solo and group shows and reflects her interest in dramatic lighting found in nature. Her landscapes are often an amalgam of many places and an emotional response to light and it’s stunning effect.  She uses a variety of techniques and materials to give the desired result and continues to experiment with new ones.

A regular visitor to Victoria since the 1970’s, she made it her home in 2017 where she continues to be inspired by the beautiful west coast.