SHARON WAREING - Artist Statement

Painting is a passion.  Visually, some things just need to be painted due to their beauty, or emotional value.  The paintings reflect her personality – the search for inner peace and a sense of calm that is not always available in life.  Her love of the environment, and animals provide limitless opportunities to create. More recently Sharon has been focusing her art on our environment – the oceans and water, and trees that are necessary for life as we know it. Sharon is a current member of the Victoria Sketch Club, Federation of Canadian Artists, Imagine Artworks and SPAC.  Sharon’s works can also be seen at Central Art Studio and Gallery.  


Sharon was born and raised in Alberta.  She graduated from Animal Health Technology in 1982 – focusing on the welfare of large animals.  She also ran an elk ranch for 10 years.    Animals, wildlife, the arts, and the environment has always been at the top of her interests.  She volunteers at the BCSPCA Wild Arc taking care of injured and orphaned wild animals. Sharon has been involved in the arts since the age of 11.  She has taken classes, workshops, and studied the old masters ever since.