Artist Statement    

The rhythmic beat of waves and the crisp clean breeze off the Pacific Ocean. That is what drives my desire to paint the natural wonders of Vancouver Island.  I am inspired and motivated by getting out in nature with my camera to spectacular rainforests, waves, beaches, rocks, skies and trees at many different specific locations here on Vancouver Island. There is something magical about sand between my toes and breathing in the sea air.  Let’s hope that these natural spots remain in pristine condition for a very long time so we can all enjoy these experiences.  


I grew up in Victoria where from a small child I started sketching and painting.  I have studied with many high-profile art instructors, pursued different subject matters and worked with different mediums. I do consider myself a self-taught artist. When I retired from my career in Human Resources Management in 2014, I decided to start sharing and selling more of my paintings as a part time retirement job.  I am happy to report that these days many of my paintings and prints are now residing in their forever homes all over the world.