Sharon A. Stone had her opening show on Friday 16th November, 5-7pm and exhibited her “Art of the Tea Ceremony“ acrylic on canvas works. 

Artist Statement
This body of work was inspired by recent trips to Japan where I had an
opportunity to visit traditional architecture, sacred places such as bamboo forests
and places of worship, and partake in cultural activities such as a tea ceremony.
It was a pleasure to see not only the older generation but the younger
generation in traditional dress in some key cultural areas of Japan such as Kyoto.
The art of and reverence for the tea ceremony was apparent, even when the
ceremony was witnessed by and participated in by tourists.
For a number of years, I have been experimenting with acrylic textures and with
pouring acrylic paint. I saw an opportunity to combine these techniques. Each of
the twelve paintings in this series is done in four stages. It is not until the final
stage that the actual figures emerge.
This “Japanese Tea Ceremony” series has allowed me to combine a number of
techniques to achieve a contemporary expression of a traditional subject matter.

Artist Biography
After 30 + years of working life in health care, policy, planning, communications
and performance management, Sharon found herself interested in learning to
paint. After taking a few workshops, and on taking early retirement at 58, Sharon
closeted herself away and painted continuously for 4 months. Reviews from an
art instructor and two other respected, well-known artists were favourable. She
made the decision to continue to paint.

Sharon does both abstract and representational acrylic work as well as art that
she calls “bridging the gap”. She lives in Cobble Hill.