HUMAN / NATURE: Sentience & the Art of Interbeing


My deepest place of belonging is with nature. My practice explores the intersection between the natural world and human values.

I am interested in elevating the unnoticed and invisible through concepts of impermanence, fragmentation, and traces of life left behind.

There is a conceptual split between self and world - to view our environment as a backdrop rather than something we are a part of.

I reflect on the art of interbeing and consider how environmental stewardship might manifest, as I blur the boundaries between human identity and the natural world.

My artistic process includes the use of my imagination as a way to listen while walking in the woods and I allow its own intelligence to guide me, while in the studio.

As I worked on these prints, I thought about the fragile nature and delicate balances of life cycles and how these same characteristics also speak to resiliency. Life captivates me with its duality and balanced interactions of competing and complementary forces.

Throughout the process of creating these works, I felt a sense of peaceful purpose knowing I am a part of something truly extraordinary and ordinary at the same time.

Humanity’s ability to perceive the sentience of earth is imperative to all life. 


I breathe in the air

For it is life

I breathe in the light

For it is love

I breathe in the mist

For it connects all that is

I breathe in the earth

For it grounds me in

Beauty and grace...enrapt with gratitude

I breathe out fear

For it destroys me

I breathe out darkness

For it is the seed of my fear

I breathe out aridness

For it is brittle

And my divine connection breaks

I breathe out decay and

The ghosts that bind my soul

Breathe in - all that there is

Breathe out - all that was

  • Mary Anne Molcan

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