Artist Statement:    Art is alchemy, it doesn’t come about through a set of instructions or a specific series of steps.    I started this work by wondering what would happen if I used my interest in bodies as a jumping off point for a more personal visual exploration  I began by drawing and collaging medical drawings of human anatomy. I wanted to find the connection between our corporal bodies and the elusiveness of our creativity.   As an artist I search for a mental and emotional spaciousness that guides me towards my next steps.   My intuitive self, which doesn’t live in my body or my mind, links to the ideas that generate my artwork. I am process driven. I trust that I already know and understand what is necessary. I put down a mark or a colour and respond to whatever that ignites within me.   The result are these positive colourful paintings that explore play and spontaneity.     


Biography:   I play when I paint and use the process to uncover my own emotional stories. I trust that a story will emerge and that, like the worn shoreline rock, my own history will be revealed. Janet currently lives, works, and paints in Victoria, BC. She has a BFA from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and has taught and exhibited internationally.