The Prayers of the People are just that:  the prayers we use to embrace and support our neighbours near and far. The Prayers typically reflect our Church seasons and the weekly Scriptural readings.  The typical format is a "litany," which means a series of petitions, offered by the prayer leader and a suggested response. [for example,  petition: Holy One, we ask your blessing on all the faith leaders of our world; response:Hear our prayer.]

The Prayers are led by a member of the congregation -- and we welcome new volunteers!  

This is not a "you're on your own" challenge, however.  You may look for inspiration in all sorts of places, including the Book of Common Prayer, the Book of Alternative Services, or Feasting on the Word.  

We'll also offer you some links to online resources, as we build this page.  (Just click ... ) You can also download a "resources" document that provides a wide range.

For example, here's an international resource:

or re:worship which offers both topically-based and specific Scripturally-based prayers (hint:  look for "litany" if you're searching for examples of petition and response).

And, reflecting our membership in the broader Anglican family, we'll include the Anglican Communion cycle of Prayer, as it's updated from time to time, and the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer.  Within our own parish, we have those who have asked for our prayers, and we'll share those more privately.

You're always welcome to draft your own prayers.   You might find that it's a beautiful way to prepare for worship.  We hope so!