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We are excited to welcome Dainel Brown who will join us most Sundays to lead us in music.
Daniel has loved church music his whole life. He started piano lessons at age 11 with a desire to play the Organ. A few months into Piano lessons he was asked to play the Organ at his home church in Fernandina Beach, Florida. At age 13 his family moved to Invermere, British Columbia and he continued to find opportunities to praise God through music. 
At age 24 he took Hospitality Managment at Brigham Young University - Idaho, and there had his first Organ lessons! His self-taught level of accomplishment showed wonderful natural talent; bringing him to be a guest Organist in the Mormon Tabernacle on May 12th, 2016.  
In August 2016, Daniel moved to Victoria, BC for oprotunities in Hospitality work. He was also happy to find oprotunities to expand his love for the Organ here. He then met the love of his life, and married his husband in December 2018.