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Remember the old song about “accentuate the positive”?  Rather than lead with the tragic topic of Sexual Misconduct (the name of our outdated policy), the diocese has embarked on an effort to focus on the behaviour we want to encourage … grounded in shared respect.  

Sadly, for years, if there were issues around conduct, regardless of specific context, the Sexual Misconduct Policy was the only administrative policy we had.  To be clear, we still have procedures to address allegations of sexual misconduct. Our central point is making sure that we as a church, including clergy and laity, staff and volunteers – and anyone using our facilities (e.g., renters) understand the importance of behaviour that upholds the values of love, truth and justice.   

Why sign the acknowledgement form?  Sadly, organizations sometimes encounter a situation where someone says they “didn’t understand … weren’t shown … didn’t receive” a copy of the expectations.  So, yes, we require Safe Church Training for our leadership and service roles.  And, for all of us exercising an active volunteer role in the parish, we are signing our acknowledgement, kept on file, that we’ve read and agree to abide by the policy.   

Need more context?  Chat with Reverend Colleen or a warden at coffee after church; by phone or email.  We’re happy to discuss. 

  Photo by Javier Allegue Barros on Unsplash