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This unique show of contemporary painting and drawing celebrates walking the ancient Pilgrimage routes in Europe. In the past ten years Jan and Tanta have collectively walked over 5000 miles in Europe, often walking parallel Pilgrimage routes that ultimately led to the town of Santiago de Compostela in Spain.  

The artists have captured their individual journeys using colour, line and form. This exhibition showcases the unique responses to their experiences.  

Jan Henry's walking memories were enriched by the immense variety of colours she encountered each day. Her diaries are made up of hundreds of watercolour sketches that tell the story of her travels. These diaries will be on display alongside her colourful paintings. Each colour block in her paintings depicts a specific memory, such as the golden heart of a tiny wildflower or the blue of the sky on a hazy hot day.     

Tanta Pennington describes her drawings as “Dreamscapes”. These drawings are playful, full of whimsical shapes and quirky complex structures.  Tanta will present a long 15' scroll  drawing depicting her travels as well as a number of smaller drawings. She describes her drawings as abstract emotional maps that connect her internal conversations with the memories of walking through Spain, France and Portugal.      

Please come and enjoy the show opening on 31st January at 6pm, refreshments will be available.  The artists will be talking about their work and their experiences of walking these ancient routes.

The gallery will be open on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 10-2pm and on Sunday 12-3pm, with the artists in attendance on each of these days.