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Notice of a Special Vestry

(Congregational Meeting)  

The meeting will be held on Sunday, November 8, 2020, at 1 pm.

The meeting will be held on Zoom. (Zoom Link available from the Rector/Wardens)   

Purpose: For the congregation to vote on the following motions:  

1. The Parish of St Matthias asks the Bishop to appoint a clergy team comprised of The Reverends Meagan Crosby-Shearer, Matthew Humphrey and Robert Crosby-Shearer to minister to St Matthias, the Emmaus Community and the Abbey Church for up to three years according to the proposal endorsed by Parish Council. 

2. The Parish of St Matthias would like to enter a non-binding MOU with Burning Hearts Housing Cooperative to explore redeveloping portions of the property at 600 Richmond Avenue to accommodate a cooperative housing development, subject to the approval of Diocesan Council.

Attention: All are welcome to attend the meeting but those wishing to vote must sign the following declaration.

Declaration: I SOLEMNLY declare that as a baptised person, I have regularly attended Services of Worship (either online or in-person) in the Parish of St. Matthias Anglican Church (or have been in receipt of the ministrations of the Parish because of illness or other incapacity) for the past three months*, and that I have not voted at a Vestry meeting of the Parishioners of any other Parish this year, and that I am of the full age of 16 years.   

*In the case of the COVID-19, we assume that if you were an active member of St. Matthias before the lock-down and continue to support the ministry of this community, you are eligible to vote in person or by proxy.