Looking ahead to re-opening

As you know, the 60 days has come and gone and we are still worshipping as the church without walls.

As our province has recognized the important work we have all done and has begun to relax some of the restrictions, we turn our minds to the task of looking at safe ways to regather our community.

The Synod office has prepared comprehensive protocols to help us discern our readiness but we will also be seeking your input as to your comfort level with returning to our buildings.

A very short survey is below for your feedback.

We know that even when everything is in place, it will be some time before folk feel able to reengage our common worship on site, which is why we continue to proclaim clearly and strongly that we are the body of Christ wherever we are and however we gather. We are people who follow the risen Christ in our homes and into our neighbourhoods and relationships. We are people drawn by the Spirit to "seek justice, love kindness and walk humbly with our God."

We will be continuing to explore creative ways to keep folk connected even as we look at ways to support those who are ready to gather safely.

Thank you all for your amazing support and prayer during this difficult time. I look forward to hearing what has emerged for you as we come together again.

We will discuss this more at our Weds coffee hour on the 17th.

Church Survey