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Holy One, we come before you in shared witness and determination.  We place before you the Star of David, in memory of and in solidarity with the victims of the Holocaust.  We do this to honour you and to mark our resolve that human darkness shall not prevail against your light and love.   

We have recalled, on the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, the unspeakable brutality and horrific suffering of the Shoah, or Holocaust.  Our hearts break, and we grieve anew at this awful example of what people’s hatred can do.  As survivors have themselves taught us, we ask you to bless us in our resolve that “Never again” shall such evil prevail.  When we seek wisdom about the way forward, guide us to embrace and seize the other lesson entrusted to us by survivors:  “Teach them not to hate.”   

We join our Jewish brothers and sisters, they who are in Covenant with you through the Torah and we who are in Covenant with you through Jesus Christ.  We remember that throughout his life and ministry, Jesus and his family honoured the Torah.  We remember that Jesus summarized the Law for us, by reminding us to love You and to love our neighbour.  He never asked us to hate.