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You may have noticed the basket of nametags at the back of church… would you like one of your own?  Easy!!! Just give your name (so we spell it correctly) to one of the greeters, or slip it in the offering basket during the service, or give it to one of the folks already wearing one!  We’ll make sure that Jessie, our wonderful Administrator, makes you a name tag that’s more professionally done than the one you see above.   

But wait … there’s more!  Would you like to receive our weekly or monthly newsletters?  We’re happy to include you in our distribution list (which we do not share or give to anyone else).  Just give us your email address.  We try to keep our website current with our events and news (and we post things on our website Homepage as well), but this is just a bit extra.  

And still more …! If you’ve joined us in worship at St. Matthias and feel this could be your community of faith, please give us your name and full contact information.  No obligations, no formal “signature required,” just our way of offering a friendly hug or handshake.  Again, just write the information on a slip of paper (we might even have some at the welcome table for your convenience) and give it to a greeter, in the offering basket, etc.    

Everyone is welcome at St. Matthias … even if you don’t want a nametag!  Please know, we are delighted to see you!