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What a joy it has been to serve with you at St Matthias! These years have seen so much flourishing even amidst the struggle of pandemic. When we look back over these years we are so grateful for all God has birthed in and through you!

We were here late last night holding vigil for a dear member of St Matthias and as we sat in the holy darkness of this sacred space (and shed a few tears for our upcoming departure), we gave thanks for each of you and for the gift of having walked with you over these years.

From gathering around the Communion table to the coffee table, from Chapel Gallery openings to Jesus Christ Superstar; Zoom poetry to Chat and Chew lunches, God's presence has been made known. From tables overflowing with food at the Rogers Court Christmas dinner, pancake suppers and salmon bbq to evensong potlucks, parish council dinners and coffee & conversations, the spirit of welcome, hospitality and joy has been so tangible. 

It has been an incredible privilege to walk with you through the transitions in your lives, to baptize and marry, to lay beloved ones to rest and accompany you to the hospital or pray for and with you in the day to day struggles and joys of your lives. We will never forget the way you have shared your faith with us, whether that was around the Thursday communion table or in our book/video studies or in conversations throughout the week.

Thank you to each and every one of you who has worked with us over these years. We have been blessed with amazing wardens, treasurers, admin, music and children's staff as well as incredible, faithful and tireless lay leaders. Thank you for your beautiful ministry of service through finances and PC, through reading, singing, greeting, praying, healing, carrying the cross and bearing the chalice, taking care of the linens, supporting our rental community, hosting in the chapel gallery, preparing and caretaking the church and making our grounds beautiful! 

We have seen the face of Christ shine so brightly in each of you and will carry that light with us as we go. 

Some of you were asking where we are going next?

In many ways, we carry forward the beautiful witness you have shown us of welcome and hospitality but will do that from a neighbourhood instead of a church. We will take on partnership in a little store called "The Local General Store" at the corner of Haultain and Belmont and continue to build community (and sell yummy things)!

We hope to see you there one day! 

St Matthias has been a place we have called home, a place we have witnessed God's faithfulness and your commitment to practice God's presence in this place and for this world. No matter what the future holds, never forget that you are beloved of God and though you may be small, you are one of the strongest and most resilient communities we know! Step out in the power of the Spirit to continue to deepen your faith and work for God's kingdom of peace, justice and love here in this place!

Wishing you every blessing as you step over this next threshold. Know that God walks with you every step of the way. 

With love and gratitude! 

In the risen Christ,

Meagan and Matt