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We are delighted to announce that the exhibit is proceeding!

4th - 20th December 2020

open Friday, Saturday 12 - 4 pm, Sunday 12-3pm

Contemporary Landscape paintings by Donna Ion and fibre art installations by Mary Wolfe.   Inspired by our beautiful west coast, Donna Ion’s uplifting contemporary landscapes explore the peaceful beauty of our local environment. Working in oil & acrylic she distills the multitude of nature’s elements into small, magical, impressionistic worlds.  

Mary Wolfe’s fibre works weave and entwine to create sensitive, abstract probings into the essence of colour, light & texture. These fabric worlds evoke the sea, sky and a deep spiritual exploration.  

Please visit the Gallery in person to view this beautiful show and chat with the artists. We are being very careful & have strict Covid safety protocols in place. Masks, hand sanitization & social distancing are required at all times.