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Christmas Baskets:

In an aged-old monastic tradition, Emmaus Community are making available home-made, home-spun Christmas baskets as a fundraiser for the community.  Most of the items are donated and created by members and friends of the Emmaus Community. 

Some of the items in the baskets may include chocolate, tea light and jar, scottish oatcakes, smoked salmon pate, Advent "Reader", Christmas ornament, plum chutney, hand-made face mask, coaster, art card, elixir (ginger berry), roibos chai tea, granola, vanilla extract and music card with download info.

These are great to enjoy at home or as gifts for family, neighbours, co-workers or service providers.  

Suggested donation of $100 each.  Only 50 will be available.  Reserve yours by emailing



We also have 40 bottles of our strong Belgian-styled Christmas Warmer beer available by donation.  Suggested donation of $10+ per bottle.  Email  to reserve!