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For a limited time, your donation to the Shelbourne Community Kitchen will be matched by a generous donor!

The Shelbourne Community Kitchen provides FRESH & HEALTHY food to 650 adults and 90 children through their pantry program.

The Shelbourne Community Kitchen's (The Kitchen) latest fundraising effort has been given a huge boost by a generous donor who wishes to remain anonymous. The donor has offered to match any donations up to $20,000.

This generous offer could not have come at a better time as the need for programs has more than doubled due to COVID, and The Kitchen has moved to a new location in order to meet the growing community need for food security. The Kitchen is so grateful for donors who step up at times like this.

The Kitchen now has over 1,100 members and 830 participants who access programs, has faced numerous challenges over the past year. The Kitchen is so proud of how their team pivoted in 2020. They never missed a day of service and went above and beyond to keep healthy food accessible even as their numbers doubled.

Growing need, along with the expense of renovating and moving to a larger space has resulted in the need for additional funding. Due to the move and COVID, The Kitchen has had to rely more grocery vouchers and less on food donations. It is hoped the fundraising campaign will raise enough cash to meet this need as well as help equip The Kitchen for its new opening, expected in September. The new location is in Unit 101, 3787 Cedar Hill Road, just a few blocks from the old location.

Donations can be made through the website or directly through and search for the Shelbourne Community Kitchen.

See more information at
the Shelbourne Community Kitchen's Double the Need, Double the Donation page.