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There has been a lot of work done on the south-facing gardens. Marilyn Denton is frequently seen working in the garden, occasionally joined by John Jordan. Volunteer Paul Olsen has cleaned and replanted the south-facing gardens. Paul is visiting from Thunder Bay and hopes to move to Victoria in the future. A university graduate in Horticulture, his primary horticulture interests are rose, lily and fruit culture, but he also enjoys creating beautiful gardens. He is a rose and lily breeder. He developed several selections of both. 'Prairie Snowdrift' is the best white rose for a cold (Zone 3) climate. One of the top rosarians in the country, he has written more than 40 articles on rose culture. While Paul works on the south beds, there is still a lot of weeding to do on the east and north gardens. Anyone wishing to help, please contact Marilyn Denton. 

Jennifer Sharlow and some of the children have been hard at work painting rocks! Feel free to add some or stop by to see if you can spot them.

Speaking of gardens, do you know someone who would like to work a veggie garden plot? There are two more available in the neighbourhood. Talk to Nicky if you are interested! 

The next big project in the works is creating a meditative space in our front grass. This will look like a spiral walk and bench. Stay tuned for updates! 

A huge thank you to Marilyn, Paul, John and others who have been working so hard to tend the land around our church, making it beautiful!