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A journey through painting, drawing and printmaking paralleling the Santiago de Compostela Pilgrimage

The Chapel Gallery is thrilled to continue its season with this exciting and wonderful exhibit.  Please click to read the Artist Statements from Alain Costaz and Victoria Edgarr:

In the meantime, enjoy these brief exerpts:  

Alain Costaz: "The Spanish landscape and its effect on my sense of identity as an émigré returning to Europe to travel was the impetus for the work in this show. Central to my studio work is the use of the figure. I use the figure allegorically and expressively in images exploring ideas about emotions, place and identity."

Victoria Edgarr:  "In 2017 Spain offered a different focus from my previous travels; I walked for 40 days across the land rather than a touring of museums and galleries. With my artist husband and my feet rooted in the constant present, absorbed in life around me we walked the Camino de Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage in Spain."

Gallery Opening Hours:  Fridays and Saturdays:  12-4 pm; Sundays:  12-3 pm.

Please visit the Gallery in person to view this beautiful show and chat with the artists. We are being very careful & have strict Covid safety protocols in place. Masks, hand sanitization & social distancing are required at all times.  To be COVID-safe, we are asking folk to make an appointment, by clicking on the "Plan Your Visit" box on the Chapel Gallery webpage.  7 quick, easy steps -- with one "trick".  In Step 5, please click on the map showing the Chapel Gallery location!