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Exhibition dates: November 18 - Dec 4, 2022
Viewing hours: Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays 12-4pm.

Opening November 17 from 6:30-9:00pm.

The Chapel Gallery at St. Matthias Church is gearing up to celebrate the Advent season with the Dames, Divas and Icons Exhibition by artist Dale Roberts. The exhibition which so uniquely demonstrates the changing from the Dark to the Light; the transformation and acceptance of each of us as unique and unlimited souls who flourish within the creative and public realms. The personalities Dale has chosen to represent have each broken barriers, exposed themselves and challenged societal norms in the process of developing their icon statuses. Dale’s interpretation of these individuals has been built on research, correspondence, and relationships he has forged over the decades to realize aspects of their journeys.
Artist Dale Roberts has much to celebrate as he has interpreted and manifested his creation of Dames, Divas & Icons. His craftsmanship and exquisite detail with these interpretations is not to be missed.
A fibre artist, sculptor, international Mail Art creator and devotee and a much loved performance artist all speak to the many ways his work parallels his own transformative journey.  Dale’s exhibition Dames, Divas & Icons is comprised of portraits and busts that highlight his extraordinary interpretation of famous and much adored public personalities that he has manifested through painting and sculpting with felt.  The depth of colour, tonality and personalities captured in each portrait sing with intimate tenderness and mirthful joy. They are a celebration of these individuals living contributions to others through their public personas and art forms.  The Artist’s own transcendent journey speaks to his fascination and admiration of these Dames & Divas and their own transformative journeys.  

In Conversation with the Artist will take place at 7pm, Thursday November 17 on Opening Night of the exhibition with curator Mary-ellen Threadkell.