Chapel Gallery Exhibition Proposal 

Open call to all Vancouver Island and Gulf Island artists - 2023 season

Submission deadline March 1, 2022

The Chapel Art Gallery presents seven exhibitions a year. We invite submissions from established and emerging artists, for solo or group exhibitions. Curatorial proposals are also welcome.

The Chapel Gallery aims to provide a venue for fresh work by a diverse set of Vancouver Island and Gulf Island artists. We hope to present art that inspires community engagement and discussion of socially relevant issues. LGBTQ+ and BIPOC artists are welcome.  

We are a multifunctional, volunteer-run gallery that aims to showcase diverse artists and provide a venue for community engagement and discussion of socially relevant issues. We invite artists to exhibit a variety of visual art mediums, including painting, drawing, photography, fabric art, mixed media, video art and sculpture.

We are currently accepting proposals for our 2023 program. Shows are scheduled for  January, March, April, May, September, October and November.

Guidelines for submitting a proposal to the Chapel Art Gallery

Email submissions in Microsoft word or equivalent document format. Indicate when you would be available to exhibit.

1.    Cover letter with Artist information: Name, email, phone number, mailing address. Artist website or Instagram address, if you have one.

2.    Proposal Summary, up to one page;

3.    Curriculum vitae, up to one page;

4.    Artist’s statement, up to 100 words;

5.    Artist’s Biography, up to 100 words;

6.    Image List, with following information: Image#, First Name, Last Name, Title, Dimensions, Medium, Year;

7.    4-8 JPEG high resolution images or audio/visual performances,(email these with your document). Please label all JPEG images using the following format: Image#, First initial, last name, title, year produced.

Proposals and inquiries emailed to:  Nicky Rendell,