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On January 17th from 9-noon, St. Matthias will host a Safe Church training program. 

If you are involved in any kind of ministry that puts you in contact with children, the elderly or you are a key holder, please make sure you are registered in this next workshop. Email the church office to register. You can also pick up a form for your vulnerable sector check from the office. 

The Safe Church program provides training to help ensure our churches are places of safety from the harm of misconduct that can occur in situations when there is an imbalance of power. It involves both clergy and lay volunteers (e.g. wardens, treasurers, youth-workers, musicians, and Sunday school teachers.) To download a copy of the Diocese of British Columbia Sexual Misconduct Policy click here. For a copy of the Safe Church Policy (Screening in Faith) click here. 

Criminal record checks are a requirement in the Diocese of British Columbia for clergy and lay volunteers. We accept certified copies of CRCs from other organizations. Need a criminal record check? Click here. 

Safe Church training is designed to:

  1. Ensure our parishes are places of safety and wholeness for those who come to us seeking the love of Christ.  
  2. Ensure all of our volunteers and employees are aware of their own personal safety and are equipped to manage their own personal risk.