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In case you missed the service on Sunday, check out Aneeta's amazing sermon below as well as Victoria's beautiful prelude. 

The reading from Genesis came from the Work of the People:

Please also pray with Cory's lovely prayers below! 

Prayers of the people

Please respond to the supplication, O Blessed Trinity, with “hear our prayer”  

Wonderful Triune God, we marvel at the infinite love and care you took in creating our universe.  At each step of creation, you called the creation good, including us, your human creations.  And, yet, beloved God, we humbly acknowledge and grieve that we humans, created in your image, can inflict evil and damage on other humans, and on all parts of your creation.  We lament the words, actions, thoughts that lead to and sustain disparities between people.  In your infinite knowledge, wisdom and love, you chose to send your Redeemer Son to reconcile us to you.  Your Son invited us all into an ongoing ministry to all people, led by the Spirit. Even in frightening times of challenge, you call us forward, assuring us that You are with us always.   

Blessed Creator, bless all those who love you and who worship you from every tradition.   Shower your grace on all faith leaders, inspire them, comfort them, refresh and sustain them. 

Holy One, hold close all those who minister to us.  We lift to you especially, Ansley, our Administrator, Meagan our Priest, our Honoraries, and, bless Rob and Aneta who for Ascension and today for Trinity shared their love of You and Your Word with us.   

O blessed Trinity … hear our prayer  

Holy Spirit, guide the leaders of the world’s communities and nations.  Fill their hearts and minds with courage, compassion, grace and humility as they work for the well-being of all the people entrusted to them.  O blessed Trinity … hear our prayer  

Loving Redeemer, you called into ministry people who were flawed, frightened and worried, but you promised that you would sustain them and all who followed them.  Today, we remember the ministry of our health workers, our public service and safety workers, and all those who work to keep the fabric of our communities strong.  We ask you to sustain all those working to serve their communities.  Grant them your grace to serve without anger; to walk gently as they serve; and to know that you surround them with your love.    O

O blessed Trinity … hear our prayer  

Spirit of love and healing, touch all those who suffer in body, mind or spirit.  Enfold within your warmth all those in their final days; grant them your peace.  Bring comfort to those who grieve.  And, in this time of ongoing isolation, we ask your tender mercies on all those family members and friends who must be separate from the frail and ill folk they love.    Close to us, we remember, Jane, Bob and Diana, Geoff and Sheila, Don and Betty, Harry, Steve, And all those we name now, either in our hearts or aloud  …..    

O blessed Trinity … hear our prayer   Beloved Creator, you made us all in your image and likeness, but we acknowledge that violence, abuse and crime continue to stain our world.  Sustain and bless all those who are the victims of violence, abuse, or crime.  Your Son asked forgiveness for those who killed him.  Please, during these times of tension and stress, forgive those who inflict violence or abuse and help them find a path of gentleness and compassion.     

O blessed Trinity … hear our prayer     Wonderful Triune God, in your name we are sent to teach all nations, and you gave us straightforward messages to teach:  to love God fully, and to love our neighbor as ourselves.  Redeemer, you taught as you meant us to teach, through loving, compassionate action.  You reached out to those on the margins; you offered grace without measure.  In your name, Lord Jesus Christ, we ask for the strength, humility, and compassion to speak up for justice and to do your work in the world.    Amen

-Cory Herrera