This poem was included in the Easter Sunday sermon, but technical constraints lead to its inclusion as a separate piece.  

The women rise before dawn. 

It was a restless, sleepless night, 

their hearts heavy with sadness, 

their bodies wearied from the tensions and stresses of yesterday. 

Sounds of the angry crowd at the trail still ring in their ears, 

their eyes red-rimmed and puffy. 


Slowly they make their way toward the tomb, 

There is no spring in their steps. 

The first glimmer of morning light dances across the horizon. 

The grass is still wet with dew, the early mist begins to lift, 

They arrive at the tomb. 

They rub their eyes to be sure they are seeing clearly. 


The stone has been rolled away. 

The tomb is empty. 

Their tears flow again, as they wonder what happened to the body. 


Angels appear and ask, “why are you weeping?” 

Then Jesus appears and speaks to them. 

Filled with wonder and joy, 

The women run to tell the others, 

“we have seen the Lord.” He lives! Alleluia!