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Holy Week and Easter – March Newsletter

This has been a rich Lenten journey for us all. We have steeped ourselves in the sacred wilderness through song and word and through theatre and dance in the form of Jesus Christ Superstar. The themes of suffering and reconciliation were also highlighted in the recent presentation of Reconciliation and Mozart and this past Sunday we followed the children; waving palms in celebration and remembrance as we entered the drama of this Holy Week.

“The glory of Easter is the heart of the Christian gospel. It is the center of the Church’s faith and worship. Through participation in the whole sequence of services, we share in Christ’s own journey, from the triumphal entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, Christ’s washing of his disciples’ feet and the agony of Gethsemane on Thursday to the veneration of the Cross and reading of the Passion on Friday. On Saturday we keep silence, but within the silence, there grows a sense of peace and completion, and then rising excitement as Easter morning draws near” (BAS & Common Worship)

We hope you will join us as we live the story this Holy Week. We hope you will take the risk of opening yourself to the power of the story and let it pull you through the suffering into the bright light of the Resurrection.

Live the Story this Easter  

+ Walk the Labyrinth – During Office hours Monday – Thursday during Holy Week in the Church

+ Maundy Thursday – 6 pm on March 29. Join the Abbey Church for an all-ages potluck with Communion and Foot Washing.

+ Overnight Gethsemane prayer vigil – March 29th 8pm-10am. The church will be open through the night (and there will always be someone there) so come and watch and pray.

+ Good Friday – March 30th at 10 am. A dramatic reading of the Passion and prayer at the cross.

+ Holy Saturday – March 31st at 10 am. Decorating the Church for Easter  

+ Willows Beach Sunrise Service and Baptism – Join with the Emmaus Community at 6:20 am. We will meet at the Willows Beach parking lot and walk to the beach to celebrate the Resurrection. Breakfast to follow at 1702 Belmont House.  

+ Easter Sunday Worship with Baptism - Easter Sunday at 10 am – Celebrate with joy, the feast of the resurrection and welcome our newest member of the community! Bring your flowers to decorate the cross and bells to ring! Easter Egg Hunt to follow. All are Welcome!  

Upcoming Events

April 6 & 7th 9am-noon - Parish Spring Cleaning: On Friday we will tackle the inside and Saturday we will work on the outside! Please join us.

April 13-15thStarfields Festival of Hope: Join our friends at the Abbey for an amazing festival of faith, arts, and justice. Free workshops!

April 28th 9am-11am - Recycle and Church Sale: Recycling on the parking lot with a bottle drive which raises funds for Threshold Housing.  The sale in the church will include lots of jewelry, needlepoint, knitting, art, toys, small appliances, and books.  Two households have made large donations.   

Wishing you a blessed Holy Week and the liberating joy and wonder of the Easter season!