At St. Matthias, we invite -- no, we urge! -- any member of our congregation to take a role in our worship.  What could this be?  We're open to all ages; no experience required!  Any "training" needed is quickly and happily provided.  

  • Help prepare the Lord's Table for Eucharist (aka liturgical assistant or altar server)
  • Read one of the Scriptural passages (we usually have a reading from both the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) and New Testament
  • Help distribute Communion as a chalice bearer
  • Lead the Prayers of the People  -- click to find more information and resources.
  • Be a greeter (extend a warm welcome, point out facilities to guests and newcomers) / sidesperson (help take the collection as we prepare to offer our gifts for the support of the church)
  • Before or after services, help prepare the church for worship (setting or clearing the altar)

If you're new to church or new to us  -- or new to any of these roles, just a quick word.  We respect your schedule and your wishes.  And, thanks to our incredible Administrator, we have a "rota" that keeps in mind any preferences you've expressed for scheduling or participation. 

We love to have wide participation!  And, if you try something and it doesn't suit ... no worries ... we're that flexible!

Questions??  Chat with Reverend Colleen or with a warden.