Music at St. Matthias - Make a joyful noise unto the Lord!

Do you love music? You will be in good company at St. Matthias.  You'll be delighted in the musical talent of our organist / music director / pianist Daniel Brown.  Daniel uses all our resources with joy and skill.  We have a lovely organ, piano, old-style pedal organ, and even a keyboard for outdoor worship!  

In a typical Sunday service, we enjoy a lot of singing in a range of styles - we include both hymns that have been around long enough for people with church backgrounds to know them well and sing heartily, and newer songs that foreground our changing views on how to look after one another, and be good stewards of the earth. Curious about how the music gets chosen and how to convey your wishes?  We have a small group who meets before each church season to select the music.  They're quite alive to suggestions.  Talk to Reverend Colleen directly or send her an email at

We enjoy accompaniment on both piano and organ, and sometimes other instruments, such as guitar, flute, drums.

"Choir of the Whole"

We don't have a formal choir these days, but we have an informal group who often sit together and (miraculously, it seems) manage to convert the congregation into a choir.  You'll notice, however, that there are strong and lovely voices sprinkled throughout the congregation who make both the "enthusiastic" and the "shy" sound amazing!  

Guest Musicians and Concerts 

Daniel has led us in some wonderful musical celebrations around various holidays.  We welcome suggestions from musicians and vocalists who'd like to participate.  Feel free to contact us by reaching out either to Daniel at  or to our administrator at