Ongoing Formation is key to a living and growing faith.  It's education, yes, but "formation" is a word that signals something a bit different.  We think of it as helping us "form" our authentic selves ... as equipping us to live our faith more fully.

At St Matthias, this takes on a variety of forms. 

We immerse ourselves in the ongoing story through music, scripture, and sermons each week as well as reflecting on how our faith shapes our life, work, and relationships during the week. 

Reverend Colleen is sharing the written drafts of her sermons.  She's generously taken on our invitation, but we caution all to "check against delivery."  What???!!! This simply means that the sermons are drafts, which she sometimes alters on the spot.  Or ... a careful proofreader might want to change the punctuation or sentence structure ... No matter!  We invite you to share these reflections (and come in person to savour the gifted preacher who shares her faith, love and knowledge with us!).

On Thursday mornings we share a simple worship service and break open the scriptures for the week to come.  We learn about the context they were written in and discuss what they mean for this time and place. We leave space and silence to hear what the Spirit might be calling us to as we move from 'Gospel to life and life to Gospel'.

While our formation series are often based on spiritual practice or scripture, we also engage the borders where faith and culture meet. This has involved sessions on death and dying, the refugee crisis, gender, and spirituality as well as education and response to global and local disasters. Check our event page for our upcoming book studies! 

Formation also includes preparation for those important milestones in our lives such as Baptism, Confirmation, Marriage or Blessing and Funerals. 

On the side of this page, you can find more about these important sacraments.

A person came up to Jesus and asked him if he was the Messiah. His response was "come and see." 

We invite you to come and see, to taste and hear and touch and immerse yourself in the way of Jesus. We invite you to find your hearts transformed by the God of justice, peace, and love that encounter when we deepen our life of faith through an ongoing process of formation.