The people of St. Matthias welcome you!

We will begin an every other week format of in-person and online worship. This week (January 23rd ) we will be on Zoom and next week (January 30th ) we will be in person for the Feast of the Dedication (Candlemass). If you want the Zoom link, please email:  

  All are warmly welcomed:  long-time neighbour, first-time visitor, please know we will be delighted to see you! 

At St. Matthias we join with all Canadians as we reflect on the complex, often painful, history that is the heritage we share, whether our families have been here since time out of mind, for many generations, or whether we are "brand new" to Canada.   Respectfully, we continue to acknowledge the legacy of the residential schools. We listen.  We grieve.  We honour.  We commit to action.  

The church is more than buildings and programs. We are the body of Christ present in this world no matter where we are. We are a church without walls.  Thank you for your virtual visit!  All are welcome here.