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Dear Michael and Crew   

Thank You For the delicious, happy community event aka Wednesday's 'Chat and Chew'.  

I live nearby and have attended 4-5 events at St. Matthias with friends over the years, now I am looking forward to attending the 'Chat and Chew' event as a regular.  

When I first saw the attractive sign at the corner of Richmond and Richardson (which I pass almost daily), I was hooked: Interesting food-related activity, great location and good time of day, and community focused.  

Thank you so much for the delicious meal, friendly faces, great conversation, talented entertainment and fun exercise.  

Chat and Chew is a solid community building idea in my opinion; I will be inviting several of my good friends who I know will also enjoy this little package of delight.  

Sincerely, Phyllis _ _ _ _ _ _ 

Thank you to Phyllis and all of our guests at the Chat and Chew! We look forward to seeing all of you on February 27th!